Emily’s List

Here you will find my favorite OTC pain management tools as well as products to help combat anxiety!

This is a list of items I use to combat pain and inflammation from multilevel lumbar disc herniations, vertebral instability (spondylolisthesis), traumatic osteoarthritis which covers my entire lumbar spine, sacroiliac joints, and hips, and finally-severe nerve pain in both legs as a result of my spondylolistheses compressing the nerves exiting my spinal cord.

I decided to write this article because I am constantly sharing about these simple items with both people in and outside of the chronic pain community. Not many things (especially topical creams) have worked for me during the six and a half years of dealing with my condition. So, if someone’s pain level is less than or equal to mine, these items should hopefully provide a decent amount of relief.

Real Time Pain Relief Products

  • The Real Time Pain relief MAXX is the only version of the cream that helped my pain. It is absolutely worth a try!
  • Website: https://rtpr.com


 Humbled Extracts Arnica and Lavender Hemp Salve:

  • This stuff is AMAZING. I use it every day and it is the only topical treatment that helps calm my nerve pain down a little bit in my legs.


Mary’s Nutritionals “The Remedy” CBD/Hemp Oil:

CBD oil

Salonpas Patches:

  • The only patch that I have found is worth using from Salonpas is the one pictured below which contains both menthol AND Methyl Salicylate. Do not use more than one patch at the same time and be careful with NSAID intake while using these topically.
  • Website: http://salonpas.us/product/salonpas-pain-relief-patch/


Thermipaq Hot/Cold Clay Wrap:

  • This wrap is hands-down my FAVORITE ice or heat pack EVER. It is filled with a thermal clay that can be either frozen or heated, and when it is frozen, it stays SOFT and PLIABLE. This is a huge benefit to me and I’m sure it would help you all as well! No one wants to have hardened chunks of ice pressing against an area of their body that is already hurting! The Thermipaq clay wrap makes it possible to comfortably use “ice” to fight the constant inflammation in our bodies, and it is large enough to cover my lumbar spine area completely. I found my Thermipaq at Walmart in the area where they sell Ace bandages, and there is a “generic” brand sold by Walgreens as well.


Obligatory Disclaimer:

I am not a doctor and none of this information is intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. If you are unsure about using something-check with your doctor first.