Chapters 3 & 4: The Story of EmilySpeaks

Once they sat the chair down in my bedroom, it was now time to get me settled into the four walls that would be my fortress of recovery and prison that locked me away from the world all rolled-into one.

Chapters 1&2: The Story of EmilySpeaks

In this entry, you will find Chapters 1-2 of my story detailing my journey with a severe spinal injury, chronic pain, spinal fusion surgery, depression, recovery, and losing everything to my condition. You are not alone!

God Is Faithful

I always make it a point in my outreach to encourage everyone to keep holding on and keep trusting God even when things seem hopeless. After I have proclaimed and trusted in His faithfulness in my own desperate and dark situation, He has FINALLY blessed me with an amazing testimony PROVING His faithfulness! Those of…