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I am a writer, poet, Christian, motivational speaker, Patient Ambassador for Quartet mental health company, and advocate for the millions of people on this earth who suffer in silence daily. On June 6, 2010 my life was forever changed when I fell down a flight of concrete stairs–crushing my lumbar spine and causing immediate, permanent damage. I had a single-level (L5/S1) spinal fusion surgery in February 2015 and at that time, I believed I would regain a normal life and no longer have to live in pain. However, although L5/S1 was stabilized with my surgery, the rest of my lumbar spine that had been damaged in my initial injury deteriorated rapidly after returning to work at only four months post-op. In November of 2015 I lost any semblance of my life as I knew it and I sunk into a deep and paralyzing depression. I am here to advocate for the chronic pain and invisible illness community and to share the unfiltered truth about my journey with debilitating chronic pain, deep depression, surgery, recovery, and temporarily losing the physical ability to practice the medical career I built over 8 years of hard work.

I have had to completely re-invent myself but I have come out stronger and more in-tune with my God and myself. I am now learning to let go of life as I thought it would be, and embrace the new life that God is leading me into. Regardless of the dark times I have been through and the debilitating pain I live with daily, I consider myself incredibly blessed to share my story of HOPE with the world!

My handle is @emilyspeaks30 on all social media outlets! Come connect with me and PLEASE SHARE my blog and posts and help me reach the world with my message of HOPE! 





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