Rolling With the Punches

imageMy God is faithful….this I KNOW without a single doubt. Feeling lost or without clear direction is hard..but when I feel that way, I have found that it causes me to re-center myself inwardly and to TRULY rely on God as well as lean on my support system. Especially when it is something (like I am facing right now with my career) that JUST PLAIN HURTS. God will always give us just enough light to see the step in front of us as we walk through the darkness of yet another storm. We are given choices every day regarding how exactly we respond to the (sometimes unrelenting) punches that life throws us as we learn to do life with chronic pain and/or chronic illness. We can either curl up in a ball and just let those punches beat us down..or we can FIGHT. Fighting means that no matter how much it hurts…we keep going. We “roll with the punches” and we don’t let our conditions WIN even when it really feels like they ARE winning. (I know this feeling all too well!!) This world is a sad, hurting place and that makes it even more difficult at times for us to push forward. But when we are faced with going forward into a life wrought with pain and suffering…we MUST keep fighting. I say this coming from a place of deep understanding about how UNFAIR it is for us who live a life of pain or illness. But I also can speak to you from a place of healing and of knowing that God is in control and also a place of CALM that I have worked SO HARD to achieve through my 1.5 years of mental health counseling.
So, as hard and as gut-wrenching as some of the moments in this chronic life may be…I believe in your strength to keep fighting. If I can do it–so can you.
All my love

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