“Oh Little One”: A poem about the heartbreak of longing for a child 

Ah, Mother’s Day. This day when we joyfully celebrate the mothers, grandmothers, and other moms in our lives can also be a bittersweet day for those of us who remain childless. Whether you are limited by physical disability/illness, struggling with infertility, or mourning the loss of a child, Mother’s Day carries with it SO much emotion. Constantly witnessing what feels like EVERYONE else but yourself go through the joyful, amazing process of pregnancy and life with sweet babies can truly cause us to have such a heavy heart (although we celebrate with those around us and we are GENUINELY happy for them) filled with sadness and a longing that cannot be described.

I actually wrote and shared this poem one year ago on my previous blog site, but felt I should share it anew with all of you today. I hope it speaks to your hearts and you know that you are not alone in your struggle and heartbreak.

“Oh Little One”

Oh little one,

I already love you so much.

I long to hold you close,

to live and breathe your touch.

I know not when I will meet you,

when I will cradle my little love,

when it will be my time

to have my heart filled

with a gift from above.

My heart is joyful at

the thought of you,

but terrified as well…

will my broken body

make it through?

Or will my joyous time

be a living hell?

Will my pain ever subside

enough to let me grow you inside?

Or will I meet you another way,

and step in to save the day?

Oh little one,

no matter how or when

your precious love I find,

know that you will be

fiercely loved

and wholly mine.
By: Emily I Painter

Copyright 2016

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