My Mental Health Story: PART 1 VLOG

Welcome!!! I am SO glad you are here. Please sit back and let these 5 videos play as I share my journey with you. As each video goes, we get deeper into my mental health story so stay with me in the first few as I bring you all up to speed on how the past 7 years of my life have unfolded and how exactly they led to a debilitating depression starting in 2015.

Part 2 VLOG will be released Tuesday, May 9th!

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  1. Aliaa says:

    I cannot believe that even with mri, they keep telling you that you have nothing. Those bastards! God! Whom do we trust then?!
    I am still continuing watching the videos but just had to write this reply

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    1. EmilySpeaks says:

      Hi Aliaa 😘 yes, it was absolutely horrible for so very long! But now it lets me understand so many other people’s struggles! 💙💙💙


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