“Normal”: A poem about longing for normalcy when living in chronic pain 



Today I just want to be normal;

I want my pain to go away.

I want to live my life

without it getting in the way.

I want to just be me

without the aching in my bones,

 to go and do and see

 instead of staying home.

Today I want a life

simple and carefree,

to rise refreshed in the morning,

and at night-

to have a restful sleep.

To just go on a walk

or cook my favorite meal…

but no matter how I plead

-with my body-

I can make no deal.

To work without the fire

searing through my limbs,

to have energy left over

when my work day ends.

You see,

when we have a normal life

we always long for more…

but now I am left longing

for the life I had before.

By: Emily I Painter

Copyright 2016

All Rights Reserved

4 Comments Add yours

  1. spooniealli says:

    Wow!!!! Wow oh wow oh wow!!!! What a beautifully written and extremely accurate depiction of our lives. I couldn’t have said it better myself doll! Thank you for that.

    Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

    1. EmilySpeaks says:

      Thank you! 💜💜💜 you were actually part of my inspiration for this poem. Love u.


    1. EmilySpeaks says:

      Thank you my bestie! Love you 💜


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